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The History of Toys - 19th November 2014
Westfields Infant School
'Lovely variety of resources which engaged children throughout. Variety of styles of presentation - loved singing and going into Noahs Ark, enjoyed playing with some of the toys. Knowledge imparted in a fun and creative way. Would recommend to others. Thank you.'

Greeks at War - 6th November 2014
West Ashtead School
Mrs Tubb
'Excellent workshop, covered all points of Ancient Greek with plenty of acting and participation. Children gained so much from this and are now enthralled to start our topic.'

The Gunpowder Plot - 5th November 2014
The Grove Primary School
Miss Ristow
'The children had a wonderful time - it really brought the topic alive. (It's quite a complicated theme for Year One - so it was fantastic to act out - it helped their understanding so much).'

Florence Nightingale - 5th November 2014
The Grove Primary School
Miss Ristow
'Super interactive workshop. All children engaged. Great comparison of timeline of Florence and Mary. Learnt new facts! Superb!'

The Gunpowder Plot - 4th November 2014
West Ashtead School
Mrs Miller
'Matrix brought The Gunpowder Plot to life for my Reception Class in a way that I couldn't.  Superb costumes and engaged children made for a real multi-sensory learning experience that the children talked about often afterwards.'

The Lady with the Lamp - 25th September 2014
West Byfleet Infant School
Callie Gregory
'The workshop was engaging and interactive and all of the children learnt about Florence Nightingale. The children were very excited to dress up which allowed them to create a great picture of what life was like for Florence. Thank you.'

Victorian Values - May 2014
Meadow Primary School
Jenna Dunn
'We loved the workshop and so did the children. We would love to have you back next year if we keep the Victorians. Maybe mix the ordering up as there was a lot of sitting/reading at the end. Thank you!'

Plundering Pirates - 12th February 2014
West Ashtead School
Mrs Miller
'Great way to make this topic 3 dimensional and to allow them to fight and make noise as pirates.'

Greeks at War - 14th March 2013
Greenfields Junior School
A Brown and D Gair
'Really enjoyable. Every child engaged and on task. The professionalism and expertise in their subject knowledge and organisation showed.'

Mary Seacole Workshop
Kirby On Bain Primary School
'The children really enjoyed the workshop. They particularly enjoyed the amazing costumes and the props. Thank you.'

The Voyage of the Vikings - 15th December 2012
Burlington Junior School
'This is the second time that we have used Matrix Theatre for the Viking workshops in Year 3 and we will certainly use them again!   They were very well resourced and used these - as well as their detailed knowledge - to deliver engaging, enjoyable and informative sessions which provided experiences that have already impacted positively on the children's writing.   Having seen their Roman workshop fir Year 4 last year, I can also confirm this is of an equally high standard, and I would not hesitate to recommend this company to others!'

The Lady with the Lamp - 13th November 2012
West Byfleet Infant School
'Sally and Ian are amazing as usual. The children are totally captivated and thoroughly enjoy every aspect, especially the dressing up. Thank you, as always Sally, you were great.'

Victorian Values - 8th November 2012
Cranleigh Primary School
A nice overview of the Victorian era. Children really enjoyed getting dressed up and acting. There was a lot of sitting around listening - maybe a bit more acting by the children will help keep their attention.

The Lady with the Lamp - 18th October 2012
Lightwater Village School
'Another excellent workshop involving all the children in an  imaginative, involving and entertaining way. Just one comment though - for Year 2's - there is perhaps a little too much detail - although the children all loved it.   Liked the addition of the 'food' part this year.
Our Year two children thoroughly enjoyed re-enacting the life of Florence - it really bought the subject to life for them. The session was paced exactly right to hold their attention and enable them to understand and learn.'

The Lady with the Lamp - 17th October 2012
St Peter's Catholic Primary School
'This workshop was fantastic. The children were highly engaged and all took part. The leader's subject knowledge was excellent! I would definitely book you again. Thank you!'

Great Fire of London - 4th October 2012
The Grove Primary School
'Very good detail and explanation of the topic. Great to see every pupil involved including the special needs pupils. Really brought the subject to life!'

The Spirit of Ancient Egypt - 3rd October 2012
The Greville Primary School
'The workshop brought the topic to life, and all the children were able to dress up and participate in a wide variety of entertaining, education activities. They had a wonderful time!'

Minibeasts - 13th June 2012
Lightwater Infant School
'An excellent blend of information, activity, participation and fun. We look forward to your next visit!'

The Lady with the Lamp - 16th January 2012
Colden Common Primary School
'A fantastic workshop!   It was extremely engaging, with every child actively involved. They loved the costumes and props. When we returned to class, it was obvious that they had learned a great deal and had thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Thank you very much.'

Great Fire of London - 17th November 2011
West Ashtead Primary School
'Brilliant, superb, spot on! Not long enough (for the teachers!).'

Gunpowder Plot - 7th November 2011
Surrey Hills C of E Primary School
'An excellent start to our topic. Children were engaged and enjoyed the interaction especially 'dressing up'. Lots of fun and learning. A great presentation.'

The Lady with the Lamp - 20th September 2011
The Grove Primary School
'We had a fantastic day.   All classes enjoyed the experience - bringing history alive for them. Very hands on - all children involved - we loved it!'

Greeks at War - Summer 2011
Clyst Heath Primary
'My Year 5 class thoroughly enjoyed their Ancient Greece workshop with Matrix Theatre.They responded really well to the drama based activities and enjoyed the appropriately levelled amount of factual information. Thank you!'

World War II
Eastwick School - 2013
Mary Sellwood
'Our Year 6 classes had Evacuation Day.   The Matrix Theatre provided an excellent workshop which involved children of all abilities. The pupils loved the different activities and these gave them an even better understanding of rationing, evacuation and how the evacuees would have felt.'

Schizophrenia Playlets
Roseberry School
Excellent: pupils were really attentive and genuinely interested
Without a doubt the best PDE session I have ever attended

The Spirit of Ancient Egypt
Cuddington CP School
Great Workshop! Very informative for the children. Clear subject knowledge from actors. Loved the colourful costumes and all 26 children were able to participate fully.

Plundering Pirates
Epsom Primary School
From the moment the experience begins, the actors enable the children to 'go back in time' and be 'in role' with them, in a creative way.  Not only do the children have fun, they learn so much as well! Matrix Theatre has enhanced our curriculum.

The Lady with the Lamp
Lightwater Village School
"Creative and inspirational learning at its best"
Chinese New Year
Coombe Hill Infants
The Chinese New Year Workshop was excellent- high quality learning for teachers and pupils alike

Mental Well Being
Stamford Green Primary
'The children really enjoyed their assembly. The acting really bought alive lots of problems that occur in school for the pupils and you provided the opportunity to voice them and how to search out solutions or help. The little stories that you acted out were pitched exactly right for our children and the rest of your team did an excellent job as well.'

Teachers Comments

Ofsted wrote in their report about Matrix Theatre who were performing their WWII workshop at Epsom Primary School:-

'The curriculum is good and enriched by a range of extra-curricular activities such as the excellent Second World War experience where pupils were able to experience the life of an evacuee.'

About Matrix Theatre
Matrix workshops are not only vibrant and interactive, but are unique as every child has a costume, props and a role to play, which I have been told, means the follow up class work, is inspired, creative and most of all forthcoming, by even the most reluctant student. Every child participates during these educational history dramatisations by either joining, Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole, in the Crimean War, following Guy Fawkes as he becomes part of the Gun Powder Plot, writing in Samuel Pepys' diary telling of the devastation of the Great Fire of London for the infant workshops. Or experiencing what it is like in the middle of a Roman Tortoise formation, while spears are thrown at you, or entering a Viking axe throwing competition, being one of the 300 against the might of 250.000 Persian soldiers and more. In order that pupils receive key information during a Saxons, Viking, Roman, Ancient Egyptian and WWII workshop we focus on enhancing the curriculum. Even our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and environmental workshop is history based showing that recycling has been going on since the Ancient Egyptians. With our new workshops for the new curriculum we have and are happy to provide bespoke workshops or adapt and tailor our workshops to suit your needs. In order to make learning through drama inclusive, all our workshops are tactile with props and artifacts from that era that the students can handle and use accordingly. We also offer signed workshops if required.

The children's Christmas shows are full of audience participation, songs, laughter and interaction throughout.

Matrix aims to make all workshops and shows a fun and motivating experience for all who attend.

For secondary schools Matrix offers mental health plays about, early psychosis, schizophrenia, eating disorders and provides follow up information supplied by mental health teams. We have also supplied workshops on bullying, stress and cyber bullying to schools.
Matrix is very pleased to promote and have a link to Claire Dowie and her plays which are currently being studied for GCSE and A' level drama.

Click here to see an live example of our workshops